What is a Personalized Wedding Hanger?

What is a Personalized Wedding Hanger?

What is a Personalized Wedding Hanger?

What is it?

A personalized wedding hanger is also called as custom bridal hanger or wedding dress hanger. It is a dress hanger assembled with personalized information like bride names, bridesmaid names, wedding date or other information people feel interesting or funny for a wedding.
A wedding planning process includes finding a perfect hanger on which to display the wedding dress for the must-have photo of it hanging neatly (preferably in front of a beautifully, naturally lit window) before you slip it on. A well made and personalized wedding hanger adds the finishing touch to that picture. 
Wedding hangers are also hot gifting ideas for bridal showers and parties. Many brides gift each bridesmaid a hanger with her name on to show appreciation to her help and attendance. 

Styles of personalized wedding hangers

We have introduced that in below article:

4 basic styles of wedding hangers

What information to show

  • Last Names. For a bride, people used to show the last name following "Mrs". Some brides are hesitated to take their husbands' new last names so they choose to display their own first names or phrases like "Forever Love". 
  • First Names. For bridesmaid hangers, the first names are more frequently used. 
  • Wedding Dates. Wedding dates could also be added or engraved on the hangers. 
  • Phrases, like "Forever Love", "True Love", "Wifey". 

Where to buy

You could find a lot of designs at below sites:


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