Dhangers.com is the best place for wedding hangers

Dhangers.com is the best place for wedding hangers

Dhangers.com is the best place for wedding hangers

8 years ago, we started with wire name wedding hangers on Etsy and now we have been the most professional seller of this in the whole world.

Everyday, more than 200 wedding dress hangers(wire ones, wood ones, acrylic ones, metal ones) finished in our 2 professional studios are being shipped out worldwidely.

Thinking back, I feel so lucky to choose this project when I started woorking at home with my wife.

Thinking forward, I feel more confident since we have brouhgt several revolutionary teches to the industry of weddng dress hangers.

We created the production line of wire name wedding hangers. With that, we can ship a personalized order the same day when we receive the order. Although shipped from China, US customers receive their hangers even more quickly than the ones ordered locally.

In 2013, we developed the first metal cut wedding dress hanger and made it one of our deluxe series. Until now, we will still the proudly only one who could produce such kind of deluxe wedding hanger.

This year, revolution happened again. We created wood cut name weddingers. We call it "new-tech" wedding hangers since no one else have used such a new way to design a wedding hanger. This new tech also makes it possible for us to supply super beautiful designs at a comparatively lower price than the deluxe series as talked above because of the high efficiency of production.

I will be posting a desription for each series for people to understand the feature of each better. Coming soon.