A collection of beach wedding ideas

A collection of beach wedding ideas

The life on the beach is better...

The wedding on the beach is much better...

Every bride has a dream of holding a wedding party on the beach where the white sand meets the blue sea, and the breeze softly flows the bride dress...

Here we collect some valuable tips from some famous wedding service website that may make your beach wedding unforgettable.

Beach Wedding Location

"Choose a location based on your wedding style and nonnegotiable guest list (if that’s important to you). If you live near a beach, you might already have a favorite spot in mind. A few types of beach locations:

Resort: A restaurant, hotel or club located right on the beach can give you the water views you crave and a reception venue complete with full staff to help you pull it all off. This option might be pricier than pulling it off yourself, but vastly less stressful.

Public beach: A beach where anyone can swim, sunbathe or yes, get married. Start early when planning this type of affair—you may be able to reserve a section of the beach for your wedding. Look into the permit requirements of the state or town. For example, some public beaches' parks commissions may require you to detail explicitly all pieces of equipment you'll be bringing to the site, as well as all food and beverages to be served there. Remember you'll also need to have a plan in place for clean-up. 

Private beach: If you—or a generous friend or family member—has a home on a private beach, you’re in luck. This option offers seclusion and possibly fewer regulations. You may also have the option of renting a villa or other space along a private beach where you can host your nuptials. If you're marrying on a private beach, look into any permit fees, container laws and clean-up charges."

         ------Source from www.theknot.com


Beach Wedding photography 

"The beach is an excellent setting for some very dramatic shots. Especially at and around sunset, your beach wedding photography can make an excellent memory with dramatic photos. Have the bridal party posted in front of the sunset, with the camera close to the sand. This will give a dramatic angle, with the sunset providing an excellent backdrop. Don't forget however, to pose your wedding party in front of the actual sun, and ensure you use the flash to light up the faces to master the best shot."

------Source from www.mybeachweddingideas.com

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Beach Wedding Bar

"Nothing says "festive focal point" like a custom beach bar.

Serving summer drinks with a show stopping set-up and completing with several custom cocktails, it was a fun way to elevate beach décor!”

         ------Source from www.townandcountrymag.com

What to wear on the beach

"For beach weddings, almost every type of clothing is an option: ranging from very formal (black tie) to very casual (swimming shorts). Before you go out and buy a new outfit for this special occasion, it is wise to reread the invitation – there might be a dress code. Cheerful colors like bright blue, pink and yellow always work out well on the beach. Given the warm and sunny climate of the Caribbean and Curacao in particular, it is recommended to dress lightly and to come prepared. The wind usually blows stronger at the seaside, especially with the trade winds of Curacao, so keep that in mind when choosing your outfit. What to wear at any beach wedding? Sunscreen! The most necessary component in any dress code at any beach wedding."

------Source from www.avilabeachhotel.com



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