3 most popular wedding ideas for new couples

3 most popular wedding ideas for new couples

3 most popular wedding ideas for new couples

In Bridenew, we're always happy to serve the wedding gifts for the new couples in the world every year. For years, Bridenew has been leading the wedding product trend, and more and more customers are liking our creative wedding hanger, wedding cake topper and other wedding products, today i would like to introduce 3 most popular wedding items for new couples. 

No.1  Bridenew Floral Wreath Cake Topper

This floral wreath cake topper is so gogerous and beautiful that many customers can't help sharing the picture when they receive their order. Here're a few example...

So, if you're planning a garden wedding, the bridenew flora wreath cake topper will be your best choice.

No.2  Heart Shape Wedding Puzzle Guestbook

This heart shap wedding puzzle box serves as a replacement of the traditional guestbook. Your gusets will have more fun of signing the wooden puzzle pieces and group them together into a big heart shape. It will make a lovely reminder of your wedding day for a life long time.

See how our customer gave his comment on this product.

No.3  Arch Shape Wedding Dress Hanger 

Getting bored to the traditional hanger shape? Why not change to the beautiful arch shape wedding dress hanger. The leaf motif engraved on the hanger is a perfect match with your beautiful bridal dress. The bride name will be customized through a line of laser cut wood which is more sturdy than the flimsy aluminum wire. 

"So incrediblly cute!!!", one of customer gave a five star review.

No matter you're getting married or already married, you're sure to find one you like at www.bridenew.com

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